Base Price 400,000.00 USD

GB1 GameBird

FAA and EASA Type Certified,

with standard airworthiness certificate or export certificate of airworthiness

  • Dual engine controls: Throttle, prop and mixture control for both seats

  • Adjustable pedals with toe brakes for both seats

  • Hooker Harness with gel pads for both seats

  • Seat cushions for both seats

  • Side console padding with zippered pockets for both seats

  • Aerobatic sight gauge for both wingtips

  • Anti-Collision lights on wingtips

  • Recognition Lights in wingtips

  • Smoke System

  • Tail Ballast

Rear Instrument Panel (PiC)

  • Airspeed Indicator

  • Altimeter

  • Compass

  • Accelerometer (G-Meter)

  • Multi Function Display Garmin G3X 11.7" display

  • VHF Garmin GTR 225A

  • Transponder Garmin GTX 345

  • USB charging plugs

Front Instrument Panel

  • Airspeed Indicator

  • Altimeter

  • Optional: Multi Function Display Garmin G3X 7" display

  • USB charging plugs


not included in base price

  • Front Instrument Panel: Garmin G3X, 7" Multi Function Display

    electronic primary flight instruments,

    engine monitor

    GPS navigation

    VHF and XPDR interface

  • Single Seat Canopy

    exchangeable by the operator/ pilot, providing single seat airplane appearance

  • Camera Mounts

    provisions to mount cameras on each wingtip, on top of the vertical stabilizer, and on front instrument panel glare shield.

    Fits Garmin VIRB and GoPro

  • External Power Plug

    Piper-style jump start plug

  • Airplane Covers

    available options:

    • lightweight travel cover

    • protective fuselage cover

    • protective covers for entire airplane

  • Transport/ shipping jigs and assistance

  • Transport jigs for air- and sea transport

  • packing materials

  • disassembly, packing and loading into sea freight container

  • disassembly, packing and loading on airfreight pallet

  • Trickle Charger

    with installed charging plug

Please contact us to discuss options on paint and interior.